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project phases

Phase IV & V Summer 2019 update

Project Note: The project consists of five phases over three years.


Much was accomplished in Phases IV and V of the full scale renovation of 453 Abbot Road.  The focus was on an all new third floor and renovated first floor.  The work was completed in August 2019.

Loft Building.jpg

Alumni Ken Bachulis and Stefan Scholl Building a Loft in the Newly Renovated Room 9

phase II completed August 2018!
Total cost $295,000
Paid in full
  • Completely remodeled the kitchen in order to meet code.

  • Installed ADA ramp to ballroom exterior door to complete ADA access to building per code.

  • Second floor gutted and rebuilt, including floor plan redevelopment, bathroom replacement, electrical wiring replacement, relocation of smoke alarm, and Wi-Fi wiring. New doors, windows and closets.

  • Replaced the heating system

  • Installed lofts in all 2nd floor rooms

Phase I Completed!
Total Cost $190,00
Paid in Full
  • Rebuilt the front columns, balcony railing and roof, gutter replacement, and the fascia on the front bay window.

  • Replaced the sun deck door, roof and decking, repaired/replaced damaged roof, gutter, and deck railing in rear of house.

  • Repaired and updated the main floor, including replacement of trophy case doors, carpet and repaired walls, doors, guest bathroom ceiling. Also added the fraternity Crest in the foyer floor (compliments of Dave Regan),.

  • Completely renovated the dining room (including new drywall), updated lighting, restored air-changing system, installed new floor drain, installed serving counter, new cabinets and sink in the kitchen, replaced three kitchen doors, new flooring, installed a new movable bar, risers, and painting throughout.

  • Replaced main system drain and water supply lines throughout the house from the 3rd floor to the kitchen.

  • Replaced hot water storage tank.

  • Installed high-end Internet access throughout the house.

  • Repurposed the unused area between kitchen and dining room to create a new ADA accessible guest bathroom, and installed large laundry facility on dining room floor.

PHASE III Completed!
Total Cost $113,000
Paid With Loan
  • Built a state of the art study room and ADA accessible main floor guest bathroom.



COMPLETed august 2019
Paid with loan
  • Third floor gut and rebuild including floor plan redevelopment, bathroom replacement, electrical wiring replacement, relocation of smoke alarm and Wi-Fi wiring. New doors, windows and closets.


       Estimate for Phase IV: $212,000

phase V
completed august 2019
paid with loan
  • Main floor renovation, including: Floor replacement/resurfacing, window replacement, new wiring, ceiling replacement, furniture, exterior repair and replacement as needed, backstairs remodeling and stairway floor resurfacing.


       Estimate for Phase V: $80,000

Estimate to complete all projects:  $867,000
Study Room.jpg
First Floor Furnished 2.jpg
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